The Limits of Creation with Debbie Creamer

limits model

Debbie Creamer, Director of Accreditation at the Association of Theological Schools, former interim dean and vice-president for academic affairs at Iliff School of Theology, and author of Disability and Christian Theology joined me for a conversation about her work, our limits as human beings, and why it is important to talk about disability perspectives in the academy and in the pews. 

We cover a lot of ground, talking first about awareness: why it is important for churches to include persons with disabilities and how to take practical steps to that end; how our understanding of our own physicality affects who we do and do not reach out to in the community; the limits model of disability and how all of us have limits, and what that means for the nature of creation and God?

I’ve written elsewhere about the medical and social models of disability and was very excited to discuss the limits model. Debbie gives a very clear explanation about when the medical model and social model are appropriate, and when they come up short. Like she said, all three models are best when they are heard together and informing one another.

Make sure to check out Debbie’s page for more info about her and her work.



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