Don’t Vote Your Conscience

vote your conscience

I have been reluctant to wade into political waters up until this point. Not because I don’t have strong feelings or opinions one way or the other*, but because it is becoming increasingly difficult to say anything meaningful without succumbing to name-calling or worse. But this is my attempt to try and think through how some of my past reflections on faith and disability might relate to this election season.

Voting My Conscience

For a lot of people I’ve spoken to or interacted with online, voting for a third party candidate is the only reasonable option. After all, they have to vote their conscience. There is no room for compromise when it comes to voting – you must, through the casting of your vote, pick a side. This seems to me to be based more on integrity and allegiance to a certain ideal more than anything else. I resonate with that sentiment – I can be very idealistic at times, too.

There have been others in the past several days who, though once adamant they would never vote for the Republican candidate, have now changed their minds. Why? There have been two reasons as far as I can tell: keeping the Democratic candidate out of office at all costs,

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